Hi, I’m Mary. I’m a freelance photographer based in North Andover, Massachusetts (30 miles North of Boston). You can reach me at maryschwalm(at) or via cell 978-578-2921

I have extensive experience in professional photography, video, and media editing. I worked for the Associated Press for six years as a sports photo editor, covering both local events in New York and major sporting events around the world, including the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, the 2006 World Cup in Germany, and several World Series and Super Bowls. I left my editor position at the AP to focus my effort behind the camera and since 2006 I have fulfilled freelance photography and video contracts with the Associated Press, Reuters, AFP, the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and USA Today. Between 2010 and March of 2015 I was Chief Photographer for The Eagle-Tribune, covering local news and features for a daily newspaper, three feature-heavy weekly papers and four portrait-driven glossy quarterly magazines. I produced short videos, web slideshows, and time-lapse projects, and contributed copy to feature stories.

My hobbies include aerial photography with both kites and a drone. I have visited more than 150 zoos internationally, and produce an annual calendar with those images. When not taking pictures, you can find me on a soccer field or out on my motorcycle.  I love ducks.  And avocados.

I am available to photograph, shoot video, edit or prep simple to complex events.  Equipped with Canon cameras and a wide range of lenses, I can transmit from the site to meet your deadline.

Contact: maryschwalm(at)  cell: 978-578-2921